Check out the following 30 second movies to learn more about all features of QuivvyTools Architecture 360°.

Visualize your Podio setup

Navigate your architecture of Podio workspaces, apps, fields and Globiflows, each color-coded for fast visual recognition.

Inspect dependencies & check for errors in intuitive, real-time navigable overviews. View interactive "Domain model / ERD" diagrams of your organisation.

Access everything directly from within Podio & Globiflow with our QuivvyTools Chrome Extension.

Diagram view

The diagram view shows you all related Podio workspaces, apps, fields and Globiflows at a glance.

Click table headers to navigate to other workspaces and apps. For even more clarity, you can drag, reorder & collapse diagram entities and relationships.

Access diagrams directly from within Podio by using our QuivvyTools Chrome Extension.

Inspect dependencies

Check how Podio fields, apps, workspaces & GlobiFlows are connected.

E.g. if you want to delete a Podio field, inspect how and where it is connected first. QuivvyTools shows you all dependencies from relationship & calculation fields, and highlights the exact GlobiFlow bricks involved.

All this is displayed in various visualization tabs and/or directly in Podio, to give you the best possible insight.

Error debugging

Keep your Podio / GlobiFlow setup healthy & fix problems - even before you knew you had them!

QuivvyTools Architecture 360° highlights any errors in your structure, and will tell you exactly which apps, fields & GlobiFlow bricks are affected, so you know where & how to fix bugs.

If you use our Chrome extension, a red QuivvyTools icon highlights errors directly within Podio and GlobiFlow.

Advanced search

QuivvyTools Architecture 360° further expands Podio’s native search functionality.

Search & filter Podio metadata (e.g. field, app or globiflow ids), calculation field content or GlobiFlow (e.g. text within Email brick, Podio user assigned in Task bricks, etc) 

Your search results can be filtered on organization, workspace, app, field and globiflow level (color-coded for visual recognition).

Track Podio app template changes

QuivvyTools tracks all Podio app template and field changes. See who changed what, where and when.

Inspect & compare changes in your structure. Restore fields that were accidentally deleted or broken, e.g. calculation field content.

This feature is currently in beta. More functionality will be added in the near future.

Chrome extension

Our Chrome extension integrates all QuivvyTools Architecture 360° functionality right within Podio & GlobiFlow.

On each level of your structure, the QuivvyTools icon (green or grey) will indicate if there are dependencies or not. In case of errors, the icon turns red.

You can always click to see more details or to view diagrams in QuivvyTools Architecture web version.