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Diagram view

All dependencies at a glance

The diagram view is the clearest possible way to display all dependencies for any workspace or app. Hover over any item in a diagram table to display all its connections. Through color coding, you will recognize workspaces, apps, fields and globiflows instinctively.  Navigate to other workspaces and apps by clicking the table headers.

Make it your own

Drag and drop to rearrange the tables in the diagram for more clarity. Or declutter crowded diagrams, by minimizing tables you don’t need to see the details of. You can always expand them again later. QuivvyTools will remember your last outline, so your diagram will still look the same when you view it again. 

Access from within Podio

If you use our Chrome extension, you can go to the diagram of any workspace or app you’re working in directly. If there are any dependencies, you will find a view diagram button if you click the QuivvyTools icon. Find out more about the Chrome extension here

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