Frequently Asked Questions

What is a subscription?

A QuivvyTools subscription combines one Podio user and one Podio organisation.

Because signing up for QuivvyTools happens via your Podio login, everything within QuivvyTools is organised around your Podio user.

In case you have subscriptions for multiple organizations, all these subscriptions can be managed into the QuivvyTools account connected to your Podio user.

What is a package?

Within a specific subscription, you can choose between 2 package types:

Podio Package

  • check all calculation & relationship dependencies of a Podio organisation
  • check all errors of a Podio organisation

Podio + Globiflow Package

Everything that is included in the Podio Package, plus

  • check all dependencies between Podio and Globiflow within your organization
  • check all misconfigurations and errors of your Globiflow setup

What happens when the trial period ends?

After the trial period, the subscription will expire. To keep your subscription active, you need to buy credit and manually re-activate the subscription.

How does the subscription pricing model work?

An active subscription is valid for 1 month, starting from the day you start the subscription.

By "month" a period of 31 days is meant, e.g. if you start a subscription on April 14th, then your subscription will renew on May 15th.

What happens to a subscription if my wallet is empty?

When an active subscription reaches the renewal date and there is insufficient credit in your wallet, the subscription will expire.

An expired subscription can be manually re-activated at any time (after topping up your account).

Can I "pause" a certain subscription?

Yes, everyone has the ability to pause a certain subscription. Meaning your subscription will remain active for the remainder of your 31-day period, and will then be paused - until you decide to start another 31-day period.

What if multiple employees from our company want to use QuivvyTools?

Because QuivvyTools is centered around your Podio login, each user from your company will need their own QuivvyTools user account.

This makes sense, since different Podio users will most likely have different admin rights within different workspaces, and thus will see a different architecture (obviously, for security reasons it is not allowed to show information about workspaces of which a certain Podio user is not an admin member)

If you want to add more users from your organisation, please contact support for a customized subscription plan.

What is my wallet?

Basically, QuivvyTools membership works on a pre-paid basis, where you first top up your account balance ("wallet").

Each time a subscription renews, the correct amount will be taken from your wallet.

How do I add credit to my wallet?

By choosing to "Top up your account" on either your logged-in homepage, or via your account page.

What if my payment was not added to my wallet?

In case of any problems with failed payments, please contact support.

Do you offer a discount for non-profit organisations?

Yes, just like Podio itself, we offer a 10% discount for non-profit organisations.
(this reduction will be applied to the subscription of the main account user for this organisation)

Please contact us to claim your discount.

Can I connect more than one organisation / client?

Of course!

Your end client will be oblivious to the fact that QuivvyTools is being used for their Podio organisation (as this is your responsibility as a Podio Partner and/or point of contact for your end client).

What is the meaning of the different colors?

We use color to visualize the different levels of your Podio/Globiflow infrastructure:

  • Yellow for organisations
  • Purple for workspaces
  • Blue for apps
  • Green for fields
  • Orange for GlobiFlows