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Track Podio app template changes

QuivvyTools tracks revisions made in your Podio structure (app & field level). So you can now instantly see who changed what, where, and when.

Inspect & compare changes

 Whenever Podio apps & fields are being created, updated or deleted, QuivvyTools will take notice.This feature can prove to be really helpful for multiple use cases.

With our Changes feature, you can:

  • track all structural changes made to your apps & fields
  • view an audit trail of all revisions made in the past
  • see which Podio user made these changes
  • have a chronological overview of when changes happened

Restore deleted or broken elements

In case of lost data, you can now:

  • restore deleted fields in app templates
  • restore a previous version of a calculation field that was accidentally deleted or broken

You can find this feature in the new "Changes" tab in QuivvyTools. We will soon be bringing this feature to the Chrome extension as well, so you can check the revision history of your structure from within Podio at the click of a button.

Caveat: QuivvyTools only logs active subscriptions

For obvious reasons, we can only log changes made while your QuivvyTools subscription is active. Which means that if you pause your subscription, you will only be able to inspect structural changes from the period where your subscription was still active.

Permalink: https://quivvytools.com/feature/track-podio-app-template-changes/1571087631