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Advanced search

Find Podio metadata

QuivvyTools Architecture 360° further expands Podio’s native search functionality. Search for Podio metadata, like the field or app id that showed up in an error message. You're also able to search calculation field content. Finally, you can search for words or names anywhere in your GlobiFlow workflow automations.

Filter & take action

Your search results are filtered on organization, workspace, app, field or Globiflow level. As everywhere within QuivvyTools, each level is color-coded for visual clarity. 

From the search results, you can click to edit in Podio or GlobiFlow directly. If you click a GlobiFlow search result, you will be taken directly to the exact GlobiFlow brick involved. 

Search for views

You can also use our advanced search to avoid deleting a view that is still being used by some workflow automation. If you search for the name of a view that has been referenced anywhere within GlobiFlow, it will now appear in the search results. You can then choose to edit the flow, or visit the app this view was created in.

Use case - Someone leaves the company

Imagine: someone leaves your company. Despite being removed from your Podio workspace, this person's name and/or e-mail might still show up in your structure, for example in task or email bricks. 
Use QuivvyTools search to find and replace all references to your company's former employee. 

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