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May 17, 2019
Faster Globiflow debugging & Chrome Extension update

We have released another major update of our QuivvyTools Architecture extension for Podio.

This time we focused on faster error debugging within Globiflow and general usability of our Chrome Extension and website interfaces

Read on for more details:

1) Our Chrome Extension will now show Globiflow dependencies & error reporting tightly integrated within the Globiflow look & feel!

2) The QuivvyTools icon will now be shown in 3 different colors (depending on its state) in Podio & Globiflow - which allows for faster lookups & debugging:

=> grey: there is no dependency (meaning you can safely delete this field)
=> green: there is at least 1 dependency (calculation, relationship and/or Globiflow)
=> red: there is at least 1 dependency that contains errors

3) Since Globiflow does not trigger "webhooks" when a Globiflow changes, we have simulated such behaviour via our Chrome Extension. So as of now, every change to a flow in Globiflow will update (refresh) QuivvyTools - meaning manual refreshes are in principle not needed anymore!

4) Error reporting is now also available at the Workspace & Organisation levels, so you can now drill down to every level to quickly fix errors in your Podio/GF setup

5) Everything in QuivvyTools now has unique hyperlinks, so you can open multiple browser tabs, send a direct link to a colleague or create Podio Tiles with relevant links

In conclusion, we are very happy to release these updates, and hope you'll find them equally useful in maintaining the health of your Podio/Globiflow setup.

As always, please do let us know any feedback you might have - your feedback is very important to us!

Mike & Tomas @ QuivvyTools

PS: please do check out our new video on our homepage or on Youtube, which explains in exactly 2 minutes in what ways QuivvyTools Architecture can help you run your Podio/GF-based business more efficiently