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May 13, 2020
Diagram updates

Hi QuivvyTools users,

Hope you are all safe and healthy! Today, we’re back with some exciting updates about our diagram view.

Diagram view on workspace level

 First of all, the diagram view is now also available on workspace level. In QuivvyTools, every workspace now has a diagram tab. If you use the Chrome extension, you can also click to view the diagram directly from the workspace in Podio with the new view diagram button. Also, you now get clickable links to all connected workspaces within the diagram.

Click to minimize or expand tables

 If there are a great deal of dependencies, your diagram will look crowded. You could already drag & drop to rearrange the way tables were outlined. Now, you can also click to minimize (or expand) tables to further clarify your diagram views.

What’s more, QuivvyTools will now remember your last outline. When returning later to any diagram you have viewed, the layout will still be the one from your last visit.

This small feature video summarizes everything you can do with the diagram view:


 And finally, some bugfixes:

- Sometimes, you had to click twice in a table header to navigate to another diagram. One click should do the job now.

- The table on the upper left always shows the current app or workspace of which you’re viewing the dependencies. The QuivvyTools icon identifying this current table is now visible as soon as you open the diagram.

- If an app or workspace has no relationships, there is no diagram view. The QuivvyTools Website and Chrome extension will now only show the View diagram button when there effectively is a diagram to view.


The Team @ QuivvyTools