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Jun 24, 2019
Advanced Podio & Globiflow Search & Filtering

Have you ever needed to search within Podio and/or Globiflow for one of the following?

  • search within the contents of one of your Globiflows (eg a word or sentence within an Email brick)?
  • search for a value within a calculation field (eg all occurences of "moment()")?
  • search by ID or name for a specific Podio field, app or workspace?
  • search by ID or name for a specific Globiflow?

We are happy to announce our revised Search functionality does just that.... and much more!

Using QuivvyTools, you can now...

  • search for everything mentioned above
  • see rich snippets within search results (eg relevant part of the calculation field javascript)
  • click to open different results in different browser tabs
  • click to edit directly within Podio Template or Globiflow flow editor

... and also filter the results by type and organisation (useful if you manage more than 1 organisation)

As always, we depend on your feedback - so please let us know what you think...

Mike & Tomas @ QuivvyTools

PS: Special thanks to Francois Cote who helped us a lot in determining the needed functionality :)