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Chrome extension

Our Chrome extension integrates all QuivvyTools Architecture 360° functionality right within Podio & GlobiFlow.

The extension works in Google Chrome and in any Chromium-based browser like Edge or Opera.

This is what it will do:

The QuivvyTools icon

A QuivvyTools icon will appear in all levels of  your structure to indicate any dependencies. So wherever you are within Podio or GlobiFlow:

green icon will show you all incoming dependencies

grey icon means there are no dependencies (you can safely delete this field)

red icon indicates dependencies with errors

If the icon is spinning, it means the results are being recalculated, and you might see incomplete results until the recalculation has finished (this should only take a couple of seconds).

Dependency information on every level

On each level of your structure, the QuivvyTools icon displays information about incoming and/or broken dependencies:

  • QuivvyTools will inform you of connected workspaces or apps. Navigate towards any of these by simply clicking their names.

  • Hover over a field in modify template and a grey, green or red QuivvyTools icon to inform you of this field's dependency status. Click the icon to view more information. The same will happen when you hover over a field title in any item 

Click for details or diagram view

Click 'View in QuivvyTools' to go to the QuivvyTools website and view everything in full detail. From within any workspace or app, you can also access the diagram view directly. 

Give it a try! Install our Chrome extension here.

Permalink: https://quivvytools.com/feature/chrome-extension/1429232708