Apr 26, 2019
QuivvyTools Architecture out of beta

Hello QuivvyTools users,

We are happy to announce that as of today, the QuivvyTools Architecture extension is out of beta phase. Since we launched the first version of our tool about six months ago, we have done many adjustments and added some extra little features, thanks to the feedback of you - the beta test users. So thank you very much - we could not have done it without you!

All current users will enjoy another week of free use of our extension. Be sure to check the FAQ, and in case of questions/remarks/feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mike & Tomas @ QuivvyTools

PS: of course we will continue to add new features as we go along (next up is a revision of our Chrome extension with regards to error reporting)


Apr 18, 2019
QuivvyTools interviewed by GameChangers for their weekly podcast

As an Authorized Podio Partner, I was recently interviewed by Jordan Samuel Fleming of GameChangers for their weekly Podcast series - with specific emphasis on our newly released Podio extension called "QuivvyTools Architecture".

In Jordan's words:

This is a great episode for anyone who manages their own (or their company’s) Podio system, or for Podio Partners who design and build for multiple clients. In today’s episode we speak with Mike Demunter from Quivvy.


Mar 14, 2019
New way of connecting Globiflow in your QuivvyTools account

Hello QuivvyTools users,

We are happy to announce that as of today, we are offering a new way to connect Globiflow in your QuivvyTools account.

This new method replaces the current way of having to add our QuivvyTools Podio user to your workspaces.
We believe this will provide a much more seamless experience for all end users.

Kindly perform a one-time procedure to reconnect your Globiflow account(s) to your QuivvyTools subscription(s), by visiting your QuivvyTools account and reconnecting the organisations for which you want to explore Globiflow dependencies.

Mike & Tomas @ QuivvyTools


Mar 6, 2019
Chrome Extension for Podio released

We have just released our QuivvyTools Architecture Chrome extension for Podio - meaning you can now check Field, App, Workspace, Organisation AND Globiflow dependencies right within Podio.

The QuivvyTools Architecture Chrome extension can be installed from your QuivvyTools homepage (when logged in) or directly from the Google Chrome web store.

For more info or to start your free trial, visit


Dec 19, 2018
How many items, apps & workspaces do you have in your organisation?

How many items, apps & workspaces do you have in your organisation?

To all users who want to know how many items, apps & workspaces they currently have in their organisation - we have recently released a Podio extension which will tell you exactly that (and many more facts about your Podio and/or Globiflow account).

For more info or to start your free trial, visit


Dec 13, 2018
QuivvyTools Architecture released

We have launched our Architecture Extension for Podio & Globiflow!

This advanced extension gives you a complete, 360° overview of all your Podio & Globiflow interdependencies.

For example:

  • Before deleting a specific Podio field, double-check whether the field is still being used by certain globiflows, Podio relationships and/or calculations
  • View all incoming + outgoing dependencies from every angle (Globiflow + Podio organisation, workspace, app, item, field)
  • Faster debugging (eg our tool will even tell you exactly which Globiflow bricks to check)
  • Browse or print documentation about your Podio & Globiflow setup

We now launched our extension publicly and hereby invite you to check it out for free at

  1. Connect with your Podio account
  2. Choose the organisation(s) you want to explore
  3. (Optionally) connect your Globiflow account(s)
  4. Start exploring!

It's completely functional & free to use during the beta phase.

Extra features we are currently looking into:

  • Advanced search & filtering
    e.g. search Globiflow bricks containing specific text, search Podio fields & calculation references,...
  • Graphical representation
    generate domain model diagrams of your Podio setup
  • Chrome extension
    click on any field in a Podio template and instantly check its Podio & Globiflow dependencies

ALL feedback (especially with regards to usability & functionality) is very much appreciated!
(use the logged-in support form on our website)

Enjoy :-)
Mike & Tomas @ QuivvyTools